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YOUTH BRIDGE INC.Youth Bridge Inc. is a registered non-profit advocacy organization operating in Liberia. The organization deploys people centered-collective approach to achieve its mandate. YOUTH BRIDGE focuses its programs on Health, Governance and Advocacy & Research. The organization is managed by both the advisory board the management team. Youth Bridge has implemented projects for United Nations/International Telecommunication Union-Geneva, Foundation for a Smoke-free World, Rock Flower Partners-USA, SeedMoney-USA, Inroads-USA, ActionAid International-Liberia, World Literacy Foundation, Liberia Strategic Analysis/USAID and the Government of Liberia.


To engage, educate and empower the next generation of leaders for national development.


To empower and positively transform the next generation of leaders.


In executing its mission, Youth Bridge values: Integrity, Leadership, Innovation and Equal Participation.


Youth Bridge is managed by a five-members Advisory Board and a management team. The Advisory Board develops policies and appoints the administrative team headed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director in consultation with the Advisory board, recruit and hire competant support staff that includes Program Officer, Finance and Administrative Assistance, M & E Assistant, Gender Assistant, Advocay and Training Officer, Clinical Research Officer and Volunteers.

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Hon. Francis K. Zaizay Chairman of the Advisory Board

Mr. Francis K. Zaizay is the Chairman of the 5-Men Advisory Board. Mr. Zaizay is a professional Accountant from the United States of America. He holds two Masters in Tax Administration and Accountant. Mr. Zaizay has worked with both the private and public sector including the World Bank and the Government of Liberia.


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Amb. Robert K. Gboluma Jr. Executive Director

Amb. Robert K. Gboluma Jr. is the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Bridge Inc. Amb. Gboluma is an emerging healthcare policy expert with background in Project Management, Clinical Research, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Tobacco Harm Reduction from CEOHAR at the Catania University in Italy.
Youth Bridge Executive Director has earned international certificates in public policy, research, leadership and governance from Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.


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Mrs. Emmart Varfee Finance/Administrative Officer

Mrs. Varfee earned a bachelor degree from the University of Liberia. She is a trained administrator with additional certificate in management and accounting. Mrs. Varfee has long work experience with the private sector, especially NGOs in education and community service development.


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Amb. Charles T. Tiah Program Officer

Mr. Charles G. Taih has background in planning, training, research, organizational development and strategic management. He has worked with international and national organizations, including the United States Agency for International Development in Liberia. He holds three post-graduate mastery of management diplomas in organization development, human resource management and strategic management.


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Mrs. Kebbeh Bryant Advocacy & Training Officer

Mrs. Kebbeh Bryant joined Youth Bridge in 2018 as local volunteer. Mrs. Bryant has background in counseling and religious studies. She has BBA in Education. She earned certificate in Training and Education. She serves as Advocacy and Training Officer for Youth Bridge Inc.


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Dr. Yamah G. Chicoine Clinical Research Officer

Dr. Yamah G. Chicoine is an American Chinese-Trained Medical Doctor. Dr. Chicoine joined Youth Bridge family in 2017. She renders clinical research support for Youth Bridge, additionally her husband renders psychiatry support services.


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Ms. Aminita Barry Intern Gender Assistant

Ms. Aminita Barry is an intern assigned to Youth Bridge by LSA with funding from USAID. She holds a bachelor degree in Biology. Ms. Barry is currently attending the Liberia Premier Medical School pursuing her medical degree.


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Mr. Randy Nyenten Intern M/E Assistant

Mr. Nyenten is an intern assigned to Youth Bridge by LSA /USAID. Mr. Nyenten is a trained LSA/USAID M&E Personel. He serves as Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer for Youth Bridge Inc.




Healthcare provision plays a key role in the socio-economic development of post-conflict Liberia. Youth Bridge health program focuses on Sexual Reproductive Health, Anti-tobacco advocacy and Hygiene science.


Good governance is one of the foundation elements of democracy. Youth Bridge governance program focuses on Accountability, Leadership Participation and Policy Engagement.

Research & Policy Advocacy

Youth Bridge Inc. ventures into fact-based health research to support its health and governance programs. Youth Bridge uses outcomes from the research to develop programmatic interventions.



Foundation For Smoke Free World

Rock Flower Partners-USA

Action Aid-Liberia

Seed Money-USA

Liberia Strategic Analysis



African Development Associates

Youth SRH Coalition of Liberia

World Literacy Foundation

Girls Learn International-USA


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